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Welcome, Emmy!

In Uncategorized on May 20, 2013 at 10:52 am

She’s here!  

Kathy and Joeri have welcomed darling baby Emmy into their lives.  I had the honor of photographing her when she was just over a week old – how special is that!




The love on their faces just melts my heart.  

I don’t have any siblings and I’ve never really been around babies so I must admit I was a bit nervous about this photo shoot.  Emmy, however, was a dream to photograph!  She was awake and quite happy most of the time and she was fascinated by the sight and sound of my camera.  Image

I loved every minute of this photo shoot, and it was so special seeing the bond between Kathy and Joeri and their darling baby girl.  Emmy is so full of character already!


 In fact, don’t tell my mom this, but it *almost* made me want to have a baby!  (Not now, of course, but someday!).  At least, that is, until I remembered the crying part.


Congratulations, Kathy and Joeri!  Emmy is gorgeous, and I cannot wait to see what an amazing woman she grows up to be.